Wednesday, September 15, 2010

President Rabinowitz' Letter to the Hofstra Community

Yesterday in a letter ( to all Hofstra community members President Rabinowitz invited you to enter into a conversation on Academic Integrity at Hofstra. This blog is meant to be a place where students, faculty, and administrators share their thoughts and increase awareness about the problems we face and potential solutions. I guess the first question to ask is:

What is your initial response to the President's call?


  1. In a time of such change in media and communication, this question is an important one.

    As digital media is more accessible, "cut and paste" sometimes becomes a matter of habit...and we must develop habits of thinking about what we are cutting, where we are pasting it, and how we acknowledge the work the author or artist put into whatever we are using.

    It would be wonderful if we could have a guest speaker at Hofstra from the copyleft and/or creative commons area come to speak with us about differing types of idea and media ownership.

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  3. @MAA: I do think it would be great to see a speaker at Hofstra on CopyLeft or Creative Commons. However, having seen Creative Commons founding board member and sometime head Larry Lessig speak both live and on video, I note that he works very hard to separate intellectual property issues (copyright, fair use, creative commons) from academic honesty issues (e.g. plagiarism). He argues—I think rightly—that it confuses matters to discuss the two together. Plagiarism, as a specific form of academic dishonesty, involves deceit and misrepresentation; the kind of copying he has been interested in discussing does not.