Friday, November 5, 2010

SGA Academic Affairs Poses Integrity Dilemmas

The Student Government Association's Academic Affairs Committee recently teamed up with the Academic Integrity Task Force to get students talking about academic integrity. Each month, we come up with an ethical dilemma for students to think about and respond to. They will be featured on posters hanging throughout campus, with pens attached so students can respond immediately while reading the responses of other students. We want students to voice their opinions while hearing what others have to say. It’s all about facilitating conversation.

Our first question asks whether it is ethical to work with another student on a take-home exam. You can see from the picture, of a poster located in the library, that students have a variety of opinions on this one. The posters are located in various academic and residential buildings throughout campus, and have already garnered some great feedback! We’ll be collecting the comments at the end of the month. Add your voice by writing on a poster, or, post a comment here on the AI Blog.

Join the conversation!

Melanie Rosner, Chair, SGA Academic Affairs Committee


  1. I think it's really good to get people to join the conversation, but now that the conversation's started, how can you get people to sort of come to a conclusion of what is actually ethical? Or is it all just an opinion? Will it be a standard of the University? And who decides what the standard will be?

  2. "Is it all just opinion?" I would say yes and no. No, we don't live in an anything can go world where it doesn't matter whether you act with integrity. But yes, to bring about changes in our culture we have to engage everyone, not just those who already share our opinions. Hofstra policy opposes cheating, of course. But given the responses, there seems to be real confusion among some about what counts as cheating and what is legitimate. I think that's one of the reasons for the SGA Academic Affairs Committee poster campaign. Let's get those opinions out there and begin to talk about where the lines are or should be.

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